Weekly Pistol Matches

Amarillo Rifle and Pistol Club conducts 22 rimfire and centerfire (600 point) Pistol matches in the Indoor Range on Wednesday evenings from Labor Day to Memorial Day.  If you don't have a centerfire match pistol, just shoot your 22 again for practice during the centerfire relay.  Starting times are listed on the calendar.  First shot goes downrange at the starting time posted on the calendar so you should try and arrive about a half hour before. 

All NRA Conventional Pistol rules apply to these "weekly" matches but the scores are not reported to the NRA. 
Any centerfire pistol, 32 to 45 caliber, may be used during the centerfire relays but only plain lead bullets may be used in the Indoor Range (i.e. no jacketed, clad, or coated bullets).  

For additional information concerning Amarillo Rifle and Pistol Club Pistol League Matches, contact the Bullseye Pistol League Match Director listed on the Contact Information web page under the "About" tab.