Schuetzen Benchrest Matches

One shot- one kill.

Eligible Rifles 
Any cartridge breech-loading, non-bolt action, single-shot rifle.  A cartridge must be inserted manually for each shot.  Barrels may be 16” or longer in length and any weight.  Barrel diameter is limited to 2” maximum.  Butt plates may be adjustable for height and/or length.  Stocks must be constructed of wood and of two-piece construction, where the buttstock and forend are not joined but independent and separate. Not allowed are: bolt-action rifles, pistols, electronic triggers, thumbhole stocks, forearms exceeding 3” in width, a sight centerline-to-bore centerline exceeding 2 ½”, muzzle brakes and/or flash hiders. 
Telescopic and/or iron sights are allowed.  There is no magnification limit.  Iron sights may have metal, glass, or plastic inserts, and color- or vision-corrective diopters may be used, but only in the front or rear sight (not both).  Electronic sights are not permitted.
Bullets must be lead or lead alloy, and must be loaded at the breech.  Overpowder wads and/or fillers are allowed as long as they are not flammable.  Gas checks, jacketed, plated, or half-jacketed bullets are not allowed.  Bullets may be breech-seated, or pre-loaded/fixed ammunition may be used.  Black or smokeless powder may be used.
Windflags may be used as long as they do not interfere with any competitor’s line of sight.  
Range Rules
Eye and ear protection required.  Actions to remain open at all times except between “Commence fire” and “Cease fire” commands.  Every rifle muzzle on the firing line must remain pointed at the appropriate target.  Once loaded, no rifle may be elevated above the target, or removed from the rest.  Muzzles may not be elevated to settle powder charges.  Muzzles may be elevated above the target only when rifles are empty of ammunition, action open, and when moving the rifle to and from the bench.
All firing to be done from a seated, benchrest position off sandbags both fore and aft.  Adjustable and/or mechanical front rests are allowed under the front sandbag.  Front and rear rests may not be connected to each other on the bench.  Machine rests and/or return-to-battery rests are not allowed.  Front and rear rest must remain able to be lifted freely from the bench, and rifles must remain able to be lifted freely from all rests while the rest(s) remain in contact with the bench.  The Match Director has absolute authority as to what is permissible/not permissible as regards any/all equipment.
Course of Fire 
Targets will be provided for informal sight-in at 100 yards one-half hour prior to the match.  A match will consist of three record targets, each comprising ten record shots.  Three minutes will be allowed for each record shot, and this allowance shall include sighting and/or fouling shots.  The time allowance for each ten shot record target shall be thirty minutes including any/all sighting and/or fouling shots for that target. 
Scoring and Target Placement/Retrieval
Competitors will be responsible for placing their target frame and changing targets for each relay, and retrieving their target frame at the end of the match.  Target frames will be placed on the target stand corresponding to the competitor’s bench position as assigned on the Match Score Sheet by the Schuetzenmeister (Match Director).  In centerfire rifle matches, each shot will be scored from the center of the bullet hole.  In rimfire rifle matches, each shot will be scored from the leading edge.  Ties will be broken by total number of center shots.  If more than ten shots are fired on any one record target, the score will be composed of the ten lowest scoring hits.  The Match Director will score all targets and be the final authority in any scoring disputes.
Match Fees and Awards
The fee for participation is $5 cash per rifle.  No checks, please.  Competitors may only shoot one rifle per match.  Three dollars ($3) of each entry fee will be awarded back to the winning shooters, $1 will go to the Club, and $1 will go to the target fund. 
Match Dates and Times
Monthly rimfire matches are scheduled from May through November, and monthly centerfire matches are scheduled from April through October, weather permitting.  See the Club calendar for dates and match start times.   The ambient outside temperature must be above 45 degrees Fahrenheit, and the Wind Chill Factor must be above 40 degrees F. at match time for a match to be held.   All matches will begin promptly at the posted start time and no entries will be allowed after the match begins.  The range will be closed to non-competitors one hour before the posted match start times.

Contact Info
For additional information, contact the Scheutzen Rifle Match Director listed on the Contact Information web page.